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An Overview Of Ezra
02/17/16 | Pastor Chris Baselice    Ezra 1:1    D3192
As Pastor Chris Baselice gives us an overview of the Book of Ezra, we learn that while the people build the temple, God is building the people.
The Burden
02/07/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Nehemiah 1:1    D1186
Usually our first instinct when something arises is to take action, but God would have us response differently. This weekend, we kicked off our “Build” study with a message from Nehemiah 1 as Pastor Doug shared that when God places a burden on our hearts, we need to take time to process it with prayer and fasting instead of acting impulsively.
Night Of Worship
02/10/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Nehemiah 1:5    D3191
This evening has been set aside for our church body to gather for encouragement, prayer, and an authentic night of worship while lifting up the name of Jesus.
Building Nehemiah
02/14/16 | Pastor Billy Venezia    Nehemiah 1:11    D1187
It's hard when you find yourself in God's waiting room, but it's here that He builds your character. This is what God did for Nehemiah, a man of patience and prayer. Nehemiah understood that God needed to build the walls of his heart before he could rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. In this message, Pastor Billy Venezia challenges us to consider prayer and patience as building blocks in the shaping of our character.
Celebration Day
04/10/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Nehemiah 11:1    D1195
In Nehemiah 11 and 12, the Jews in Jerusalem rejoice over the building of the walls with an elaborate, carefully planned celebration. This weekend was FPU Celebration Weekend, and as we heard some amazing testimonies of the work God has done through this class, Pastor Doug shared some important principles regarding the power of celebration.
Spiritual Leadership
04/17/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Nehemiah 13:1    D1196
What makes someone a strong leader? This weekend, Pastor Doug Sauder closed out our "Build" series through the Book of Nehemiah with a teaching in Nehemiah 13 offering a sober reminder of the qualifications for spiritual leadership.
Casting Vision
02/21/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Nehemiah 2:12    D1188
As Pastor Doug Sauder continues through the Book of Nehemiah in our “Build” series, we learn that God pours vision into His servants. When God is doing a deep work in your life, He leads you into a difficult, desert environment to fully form the vision He's placed in your heart.
Get Ready To Rumble In The Rubble
02/28/16 | Pastor Chris Baselice    Nehemiah 4:1    D1189
Whenever God's people rise up to build, the enemy rises up to destroy. Continuing the study through the Book of Nehemiah in our “Build” series, Pastor Chris Baselice challenges us to expect the attack of the enemy and be ready to fight for our families as we continue the work.
Injustice Is Unjust
03/06/16 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Nehemiah 5:1    D1190
In the fifth chapter of Nehemiah, we see God's people facing injustice. As we study Nehemiah's Christ-like reaction, we learn how to pause and pray instead of letting our anger drive us to hasty action, and we discover how to properly take a stand for justice knowing that our God responds, redeems, and remembers.
Fighting Fear
03/13/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Nehemiah 6:1    D1191
Has fear ever crippled you from completing what God has called you to do? You're not alone! This weekend, Pastor Doug Sauder shared from Nehemiah 6–7, taking us through the attacks toward Nehemiah as he closed in on the completion of the wall. See Nehemiah's resolve to continue the work God had for him and be inspired to stand firm against the enemies in your life.
Rebuilding People
03/20/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Nehemiah 8:1    D1192
After 52 days of great opposition, the walls of Jerusalem were completed. Now, thousands of Israelites gathered together to hear the Word of God for the first time after 70 years of captivity. Here we see one of the first Spirit-filled revivals in history, and we learn that true restoration does not begin until the hearts of men have been revived by the Word of God.
Repentance That Leads To Revival
04/03/16 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Nehemiah 9:1    D1194
After gathering inside the newly rebuilt walls of Jerusalem, the people of Israel began a fast, publicly repenting and confessing their sins and rededicating themselves to worship and obey God. Pastor Fidel Gomez relates this story from Nehemiah 9 and 10 to show that God is forgiving and merciful and that He will bless and revive us when we repent and turn to Him.
The Worst Day
09/23/18 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Job 1:1    D1310
The Worst Day
What Now?
09/30/18 | David Guzik    Job 2:1    G5730
What Now?
When Good Friends Give Bad Advice
10/17/18 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Job 2:1    D3309
When Good Friends Give Bad Advice
Walking In The Dark With God
10/07/18 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Job 3:1    D1311
Walking In The Dark With God
Panel On Grief And Loss
10/10/18 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Job 30:1    D3308
Panel on Grief and Loss
God Speaks
10/14/18 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Job 38:1    D1312
God Speaks
Seeing God
10/21/18 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Job 42:1    D1313
Seeing God
Free To Live
01/31/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Psalms 112:1    D1185
In this last message of the “FREE” series, Pastor Doug Sauder challenges us to think about our ultimate purpose in life. It is only when we view all of our choices in light of eternity that we can truly be free to live generously.
Displaying 81 through 100 of 289 records.
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