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The Loss Of My Uniqueness
06/19/16 | Dr. Bob Barnes    Psalms 139:1    G5702
Psalm 139 makes it clear that each of us is uniquely created by God for His glory. Yet if we let a self-centered culture define our identity, we can feel like a forgotten suit hung on the dry-cleaning conveyor of life, endlessly circling without real purpose. In this Father's Day message, Dr. Bob Barnes, President of Sheridan House Family Ministries, encourages us to let God transform our thinking, to get off the conveyor, and to enjoy meaningful lives of sacrificial service to our Heavenly Fath
Night Of Prayer And Worship
06/07/17 | Bobby Bemis    Psalms 143:1    D3250
Night of Prayer and Worship
Night Of Prayer And Worship
06/01/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Psalms 23:1    D3205
In this night of prayer and worship, we pray and sing through Psalm 23 and its rich promises of provision, restoration, guidance, protection, mercy and eternal blessing.
Vision 2023
05/23/18 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Psalms 25:1    D3290
Vision 2023
Night Of Prayer And Worship: Tribute To 9/11
09/07/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Psalms 33:12    D3217
During this particular Night of Worship, we give thanks to Jesus for His faithfulness in our lives and over this country, as well as His provision through the men and women who give of themselves—for our freedom and our safety.
But God!
02/03/16 | Geoff Buck    Psalms 49:5    G5697
In this topical message, we welcome back a good friend–Pastor Geoff Buck who currently serves at a church in California. He shares with us a message about how God is always present and always capable in the midst of our circumstances and we should find comfort in the fact that a "but, God..." moment could be on the horizon.
Night Of Prayer And Worship
07/05/17 | Andrew Wooddell    Psalms 68:1    D3254
Night of Prayer and Worship
A Living Parable
04/13/16 | Pastor Chet Lowe    Psalms 84:1    G5700
Our dear friend, Pastor Chet Lowe, who now serves at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, reminds us that people are watching us as we write our life stories. We are living parables, or living letters as Paul references in 2 Corinthians 3, that represent our Savior to a watching world.
Practical Affirmation: Making It Stick...
09/05/18 | Pastor Reuben Ramsaran    Proverbs 18:1    D3303
Practical Affirmation: Making It Stick...
Levels Of Communication
08/22/18 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Proverbs 18:21    D3301
Levels of Communication
What’S Your Drug Of Choice?
08/08/18 | Pastor Chris Baselice    Proverbs 23:1    D3300
What's Your Drug Of Choice?
A Time To Grieve. A Time To Hope. #Prayingfordouglas
02/18/18 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Ecclesiastes 3:1    D1281
A Time To Grieve. A Time To Hope. #PrayingForDouglas
The Secret: Attraction
08/21/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Song of Solomon 1:1    D1211
We are all looking to fulfill our deepest longing, to be loved and to be known. In this week's message, Pastor Doug Sauder introduces us to Song of Solomon 1 where he lays the foundation for healthy relationships. He exhorts us to look at the marriage relationship through the lens of Scripture, not through romanticism, media, or fear of our experiences.
The Secret: Attraction And Courtship
08/31/16 | Pastor Doug and Suzanne Sauder    Song of Solomon 1:1    D3216
No matter what your relationship status is—whether your single, in a relationship, or married—the Word of God has some incredible principles for us to look at when it comes to attraction and courtship. In this midweek message, Pastor Doug and Suzanne Sauder share their personal story and leave us with four examples of what a godly courtship looks like.
The Secret: Dating And Courtship
08/28/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Song of Solomon 2:1    D1212
How do you know if the person you're with is really “the one?” As we continue our study through the Song of Solomon, Pastor Doug Sauder explains that dating is a time of evaluation and practice as you develop and build the kind of relationship required for a healthy marriage.
The Secret: The Wedding And The Honeymoon
09/04/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Song of Solomon 3:1    D1213
The wedding day has finally arrived! Solomon and his bride prepare for the most important part of their relationship: marriage. In this teaching, Pastor Doug Sauder shares from Song of Solomon chapters 3 and 4. Here we learn four important principles that define a healthy intimate relationship: respect, love, sexual intimacy, and holiness.
The Secret: Fight To Win
09/10/16 | Skip Heitzig    Song of Solomon 5:1    G5706
The Secret: Fight to Win
The Secret: Maintaining Intimacy
09/18/16 | Frank Ramseur    Song of Solomon 7:1    G5707
The Secret: Maintaining Intimacy
The Secret: The Mystery
09/25/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Song of Solomon 8:1    D1214
The Secret: The Mystery
Close To Home
05/20/18 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Isaiah 1:17    D1293
Close To Home
Displaying 101 through 120 of 289 records.
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