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Letters To The Seven Churches - Laodicea
11/30/16 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Revelation 3:14    D3226
Letters to the Seven Churches - Laodicea
The Church We Want To Be
11/23/16 | Pastor Duane Roberts    Revelation 3:7    D3225
The Church We Want To Be
The Dead Church
11/16/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Revelation 3:1    D3224
The Dead Church
Thyatira: Corruption Or Christ
11/09/16 | Josiah Graves    Revelation 2:18    D3223
Thyatira: Corruption or Christ
Don't Give Up…Don't Give In
10/26/16 | Pastor Chris Baselice    Revelation 2:8    D3221
Don't Give Up…Don't Give In
Letters To The Seven Churches: Ephesus
10/19/16 | Geoff Buck    Revelation 2:1    G5710
Letters to the Seven Churches: Ephesus
We Are Experiencing God’S Presence
01/15/17 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Hebrews 4:12    D1229
We Are Experiencing God's Presence
He Is Enough!
06/29/16 | Pastor Duane Roberts    2 Timothy 4:9    D3209
Finishing our series in the book of 2 Timothy, Pastor Duane Roberts reminds us that no matter what trial is going on in our lives, we can trust that God is always enough.
Fulfill Your Ministry!
06/22/16 | Pastor Joe Ferraro    2 Timothy 4:1    D3208
As we continue through our teaching of 2 Timothy, Pastor Joe Ferraro from our West Boca campus examines the apostle Paul's exhortation to Timothy to focus his efforts on fulfilling the ministry that God has brought before him and to be faithful to what has been entrusted to him - and to us.
We Are Committed To The Bible
01/11/17 | Pastor Chris Baselice    2 Timothy 3:16    D3230
We Are Committed to the Bible
Roadmap To Righteousness
06/15/16 | Pastor Jerry Sander    2 Timothy 3:10    D3207
As we continue our study of 2 Timothy, Pastor Jerry Sander of our Boca Raton campus explores Paul's words to young Timothy. Here we are encouraged to not be deceived, discouraged, or distracted, but rather to remain focused on the basics of our faith, allowing God's inspired Word to train us into Christian men and women others can follow.
Rough Days Up Ahead
06/08/16 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    2 Timothy 3:1    D3206
The apostle Paul warns Timothy that in the last days, perilous times will come. Although this is true for all of us, no matter where we are in life, Pastor Fidel Gomez reminds us to keep our eyes on Jesus, because whatever "peril" we may face the greater truth is that this is not the end.
The Ministry Of The Word
05/25/16 | Pastor Chris Baselice    2 Timothy 2:14    D3204
Continuing through our study of 2 Timothy, Pastor Chris Baselice of our Plantation campus teaches on the second chapter-the apostle Paul's last letter to Timothy. In this message we are challenged to be dividers of the Word, doers of the Word, and defenders of the Word.
Be Strong
05/18/16 | Pastor Billy Venezia    2 Timothy 2:1    D3203
Pastor Billy paints a picture of the apostle Paul writing to Timothy from his prison cell. Paul's message in chapter 2 was for Timothy to be strong in grace. To accomplish this, it takes the focus of a soldier in war, the discipline of an athlete in competition, and the patience of a farmer with his crops.
Last Letter
05/11/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    2 Timothy 1:1    D3202
In this first teaching of our study through the Book of 2 Timothy-the last letter from the apostle Paul-Pastor Doug Sauder shares with us the wisdom that comes from this key biblical figure and how it relates to us today.
Stay The Course
04/27/16 | Pastor Jerry Sander    1 Timothy 6:11    D3200
As Pastor Jerry Sander concludes our series in the Book of 1 Timothy, he breaks down the Christian life-a life that's personal, powerful, and perilous but also one of pursuit, patience, and potential pitfalls. Through this message, we're encouraged to "stay the course" that God has prepared for us.
Money, Possessions, And The Generous Gospel
10/15/17 | Pastor Doug Sauder    1 Timothy 5:1    D1265
Money, Possessions, and The Generous Gospel
Rules Of Engagement
04/06/16 | Pastor Chris Baselice    1 Timothy 5:1    D3198
Newsflash: the Church is made up of imperfect people! As a young pastor, Timothy faced many challenges overseeing an imperfect family of believers. Seeing this, Paul gives wise advice and specific guidelines about how to love and lead men and women of all ages and position into right and holy relationships.
Servanthood That Transcends Age
03/30/16 | Steve Mayo    1 Timothy 4:1    D3197
In this installment of our study through the Book of 1 Timothy, Pastor Steve Mayo takes an in-depth look at chapter 4 and what it takes to be a devoted servant of Jesus Christ.
Ingredients For Spiritual Maturity
03/23/16 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    1 Timothy 3:1    D3195
The apostle Paul planted a church in Ephesus that was later turned over to his young protégé Timothy. As Pastor Fidel Gomez continues our series through 1 Timothy, we see Paul outline how the church should function and describes the qualities Timothy needs to look for in the men who will help him lead the church.
Displaying 1 through 20 of 191 records.
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