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Free To Spend
01/03/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    John 8:31    D1182
Freedom is a misunderstood concept in our culture and the results are disastrous. As Pastor Doug Sauder begins the New Year with a new series called Free, we learn that a truly biblical definition of freedom is needed in order for God's people to love and serve as He has designed us to.
Remember To Never Forget
01/06/16 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Deuteronomy 8:1    D3188
In this teaching, Pastor Jerry Sander shares his testimony and challenges us to trust God and His plan—living in such a way that unbelievers will question their unbelief.
Financial Peace
01/10/16 | Dave Ramsey       G5695
There are over 2,500 Scripture verses in the Bible about money and possessions. In fact, Jesus spoke more about money than love. In today's message, Dave Ramsey shares his personal story followed by five biblical principles about finances that may change your life.
Spontaneous Giving
01/13/16 | Pastor Reuben Ramsaran    John 6:5    D3189
Pastor Reuben takes us through the gospels where Jesus fed a hungry crowd of 5,000 with the small gift of a boy's lunch. He points out there is no limit to the impact a gift, not matter how big, can have on both the recipient and the giver. So, get ready to be spontaneous in your giving.
Free To Give
01/17/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Leviticus 27:1    D1183
Continuing through our FREE series, Pastor Doug shares how even though giving doesn’t come natural to us, it reveals what is in out hearts, it’s an act of worship and it’s our response to Jesus.
Jesus And The Shame Of Sin
01/20/16 | David Guzik    John 7:53    G5696
Tonight's guest speaker, Pastor David Guzik of Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara, teaches us that shame is not the solution to sin. Jesus meets us in the place of our humiliation over sin. He identifies with us in our shame by taking it upon Himself.
Free To Save
01/24/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Deuteronomy 6:6    D1184
Continuing through our “FREE" series, Pastor Doug shares God's plan for us regarding saving money. Joseph led the nation of Egypt in a plan to save while times were good so they would be prepared when famine came. Unlike hoarding (collecting and keeping based on fear), saving is a principle that brings provision and peace of mind, preparing us to be used by God to help others when trouble comes.
The Generosity Journey
01/27/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    2 Corinthians 8:7    D3190
Where are you on the journey of generosity? Continuing in our “FREE" series, Pastor Doug challenges us to allow God's Word to examine our hearts and show us His plan regarding giving of our time, talent, and treasure. It's not about earning God's approval or seeing how much you can “do”—it is about making Jesus the center of our lives and abounding and exceling in the grace of giving, which only His Spirit can do in and through us.
Free To Live
01/31/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Psalms 112:1    D1185
In this last message of the “FREE” series, Pastor Doug Sauder challenges us to think about our ultimate purpose in life. It is only when we view all of our choices in light of eternity that we can truly be free to live generously.
But God!
02/03/16 | Geoff Buck    Psalms 49:5    G5697
In this topical message, we welcome back a good friend–Pastor Geoff Buck who currently serves at a church in California. He shares with us a message about how God is always present and always capable in the midst of our circumstances and we should find comfort in the fact that a "but, God..." moment could be on the horizon.
The Burden
02/07/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Nehemiah 1:1    D1186
Usually our first instinct when something arises is to take action, but God would have us response differently. This weekend, we kicked off our “Build” study with a message from Nehemiah 1 as Pastor Doug shared that when God places a burden on our hearts, we need to take time to process it with prayer and fasting instead of acting impulsively.
Night Of Worship
02/10/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Nehemiah 1:5    D3191
This evening has been set aside for our church body to gather for encouragement, prayer, and an authentic night of worship while lifting up the name of Jesus.
Building Nehemiah
02/14/16 | Pastor Billy Venezia    Nehemiah 1:11    D1187
It's hard when you find yourself in God's waiting room, but it's here that He builds your character. This is what God did for Nehemiah, a man of patience and prayer. Nehemiah understood that God needed to build the walls of his heart before he could rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. In this message, Pastor Billy Venezia challenges us to consider prayer and patience as building blocks in the shaping of our character.
An Overview Of Ezra
02/17/16 | Pastor Chris Baselice    Ezra 1:1    D3192
As Pastor Chris Baselice gives us an overview of the Book of Ezra, we learn that while the people build the temple, God is building the people.
Casting Vision
02/21/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Nehemiah 2:12    D1188
As Pastor Doug Sauder continues through the Book of Nehemiah in our “Build” series, we learn that God pours vision into His servants. When God is doing a deep work in your life, He leads you into a difficult, desert environment to fully form the vision He's placed in your heart.
The Power Of Unity
02/24/16 | Kevin Palau    John 17:20    G5698
Guest speaker, Kevin Palau, takes us through Jesus' longest prayer recorded in the Bible. Jesus prays for unity within the body of Christ because it is through unity that the power to transform entire cities exists.
Get Ready To Rumble In The Rubble
02/28/16 | Pastor Chris Baselice    Nehemiah 4:1    D1189
Whenever God's people rise up to build, the enemy rises up to destroy. Continuing the study through the Book of Nehemiah in our “Build” series, Pastor Chris Baselice challenges us to expect the attack of the enemy and be ready to fight for our families as we continue the work.
Introduction To 1 Timothy
03/02/16 | Joe Focht    1 Timothy 1:1    G5699
Guest speaker Joe Focht from Calvary Chapel Philadelphia starts off our study in 1 Timothy. Through this teaching, we learn how Paul's exhortation to Timothy to live for Christ in a culture on decline is as relevant today as it was when it was written.
Injustice Is Unjust
03/06/16 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Nehemiah 5:1    D1190
In the fifth chapter of Nehemiah, we see God's people facing injustice. As we study Nehemiah's Christ-like reaction, we learn how to pause and pray instead of letting our anger drive us to hasty action, and we discover how to properly take a stand for justice knowing that our God responds, redeems, and remembers.
Glorious Grace
03/09/16 | Andrew Lundy    1 Timothy 1:12    D3193
How far does the grace of the Lord extend? Continuing our midweek “Build” study through 1 Timothy, youth leader Andrew Lundy shares how God's grace makes ministry out of a mess, creates an exhibit of God's mercy out of flawed humanity, produces Christ-centered glory in a self-centered world, and provides the sufficiency of strength for the deficiency of faith.
Displaying 1 through 20 of 322 records.
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