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Be Strong
05/18/16 | Pastor Billy Venezia    2 Timothy 2:1    D3203
Pastor Billy paints a picture of the apostle Paul writing to Timothy from his prison cell. Paul's message in chapter 2 was for Timothy to be strong in grace. To accomplish this, it takes the focus of a soldier in war, the discipline of an athlete in competition, and the patience of a farmer with his crops.
Orphan Sunday
05/22/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Ruth 4:1    D1201
What would happen if the Church made mercy fashionable again? This weekend, as part of Orphan Weekend, we continued through our "Nothing Wasted" series with a teaching from Ruth 4:1-10 and Deuteronomy 14. Here, Pastor Doug Sauder showed us how Ruth epitomized the kind of person the Lord's heart is burdened for (poor, immigrant, widow, fatherless), and how He used Boaz to redeem her.
The Ministry Of The Word
05/25/16 | Pastor Chris Baselice    2 Timothy 2:14    D3204
Continuing through our study of 2 Timothy, Pastor Chris Baselice of our Plantation campus teaches on the second chapter-the apostle Paul's last letter to Timothy. In this message we are challenged to be dividers of the Word, doers of the Word, and defenders of the Word.
Walking Honestly
05/29/16 | Pastor Daniel Fusco    Ephesians 4:1    G5701
Life is messy. . . there's no way around that. And the messiness of life is either going to make you bitter or better. This Memorial Day Weekend, special guest Pastor Daniel Fusco shared a message from Ephesians 4, providing us with six ways to walk in a messy world.
Night Of Prayer And Worship
06/01/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Psalms 23:1    D3205
In this night of prayer and worship, we pray and sing through Psalm 23 and its rich promises of provision, restoration, guidance, protection, mercy and eternal blessing.
The Kinsman Legacy
06/05/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Ruth 4:1    D1202
Wrapping up our "Nothing Wasted" series in the Book of Ruth, pastor Doug Sauder shares how the entire story of despair, redemption, provision, love, and sacrifice in Ruth and Namoi's lives through Boaz is a mirror of what God has done through Jesus for all humanity.
Rough Days Up Ahead
06/08/16 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    2 Timothy 3:1    D3206
The apostle Paul warns Timothy that in the last days, perilous times will come. Although this is true for all of us, no matter where we are in life, Pastor Fidel Gomez reminds us to keep our eyes on Jesus, because whatever "peril" we may face the greater truth is that this is not the end.
The What And The Why
06/12/16 | Pastor Chris Baselice    Matthew 9:1    D1203
"What would Jesus do?" is a simple question made popular some years ago with the rise of bracelets that were worn by many, but what if we really paused and examined this honest question turned slogan? In this message by pastor Chris Baselice, we examine not only what Jesus did when confronted different situations, but the why behind it as well-and are challenged to the follow His example.
Roadmap To Righteousness
06/15/16 | Pastor Jerry Sander    2 Timothy 3:10    D3207
As we continue our study of 2 Timothy, Pastor Jerry Sander of our Boca Raton campus explores Paul's words to young Timothy. Here we are encouraged to not be deceived, discouraged, or distracted, but rather to remain focused on the basics of our faith, allowing God's inspired Word to train us into Christian men and women others can follow.
The Loss Of My Uniqueness
06/19/16 | Dr. Bob Barnes    Psalms 139:1    G5702
Psalm 139 makes it clear that each of us is uniquely created by God for His glory. Yet if we let a self-centered culture define our identity, we can feel like a forgotten suit hung on the dry-cleaning conveyor of life, endlessly circling without real purpose. In this Father's Day message, Dr. Bob Barnes, President of Sheridan House Family Ministries, encourages us to let God transform our thinking, to get off the conveyor, and to enjoy meaningful lives of sacrificial service to our Heavenly Fath
Fulfill Your Ministry!
06/22/16 | Pastor Joe Ferraro    2 Timothy 4:1    D3208
As we continue through our teaching of 2 Timothy, Pastor Joe Ferraro from our West Boca campus examines the apostle Paul's exhortation to Timothy to focus his efforts on fulfilling the ministry that God has brought before him and to be faithful to what has been entrusted to him - and to us.
The Lord Of The Storm
06/26/16 | Pastor Billy Venezia    Mark 4:35    D1204
Storms are an important part of our spiritual maturity. Sadly, we often prefer avoiding the storm altogether than going through it. In this powerful teaching, Pastor Billy Venezia shared from Mark 4:35-41, reminding us that Jesus is the Lord of the storm, and that He has an eternal purpose for all of life's storms.
He Is Enough!
06/29/16 | Pastor Duane Roberts    2 Timothy 4:9    D3209
Finishing our series in the book of 2 Timothy, Pastor Duane Roberts reminds us that no matter what trial is going on in our lives, we can trust that God is always enough.
Freedom Comes Through Surrender
07/03/16 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Luke 5:1    D1205
The common strategy for victory is to keep fighting and resisting opposition. But Pastor Fidel illustrates there's power in surrendering to the Lord who wants what's best for you. For when we surrender to Him, true and eternal victory is certain.
Night Of Prayer And Worship
07/06/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder       D3210
This evening has been set aside for our church body to gather for encouragement, prayer, and an authentic night of worship while lifting up the name of Jesus.
More Than Words
07/10/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    1 Thessalonians 1:1    D1206
Kicking off our study through 1 Thessalonians, Paul's first letter, Pastor Doug shared how, above all else, the most important identifier we have is that we are children of God in Christ. As we center ourselves upon this identity, we will be motivated to honor the Lord with our lives, use our words to speak life into the lives of others, and ultimately be used by the Spirit to leave a deep impression on people.
The Centurion Soldier
07/13/16 | Pastor David Fine    Mark 7:1    D3211
Pastor David Fine - The Centurion Soldier
Handle With Care
07/17/16 | Pastor Jerry Sander    1 Thessalonians 2:1    D1207
Continuing our examination of the basic elements of Christianity, Pastor Jerry Sander taught from 1 Thessalonians 2. Through this teaching, we learn that as children of God we are not only welcomed into His family, but we are also worthy witnesses of His grace.
Oye Chico Que Cosa Mas Grande (Hey Man, That's So Great)
07/20/16 | Pastor Jorge Bustamante    Matthew 22:1    D3212
The definition of the word "great" is to be considerably above average. Here, Pastor Jorge Bustamante shows us how love is the greatest commandment, the great commission, and the greatest gift of God.
07/24/16 | Alan Platt    1 Thessalonians 2:17    G5703
As we continue our study through 1 Thessalonians, Pastor Alan Platt teaches us that it is through our identity in Christ that we are inheritors of His maturity and authority. We learn that in spite of trials and tribulations, our faith and love for one another must remain evident.
Displaying 41 through 60 of 338 records.
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