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07/27/16 | Pastor Mike Rust    John 14:1    D3213
As we continue through our study "Character Study", Pastor Mike Rust from our Boca Raton campus explores one of Jesus' disciples we've all been able to relate to at some point: "Doubting" Thomas.
The Next Level
07/31/16 | Pastor Duane Roberts    1 Thessalonians 4:1    D1208
There are a lot of things in life that promise to take us to the next level: higher education, job opportunities, fitness programs, relationships. But this weekend, as we continued making our way through 1 Thessalonians, Pastor Duane Roberts from our Boynton campus explained that it's only through the love of God that we can reach the next level of life!
Night Of Worship
08/03/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder       D3214
With a focus on the Holy Spirit, Pastor Doug and the worship team lead this moving night of prayer and worship. We're reminded of our need to be baptized afresh in God's Spirit in order to live for Him in power, boldness, wisdom, and love.
The Return
08/07/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    1 Thessalonians 4:13    D1209
From television and movies to popular novels, it seems people are becoming increasingly infatuated with the apocalypse, the end times. For many (even Christians), this brings about feelings of fear and anxiety. But this weekend, as we continued to work our way through 1 Thessalonians, Pastor Doug showed us why the end times—when Jesus returns for His Church—shouldn't make us fearful, but hopeful and excited!
A Reason To Rejoice
08/10/16 | Bill Schott    Acts 8:1    D3215
Pastor Bill Schott compares you and me to the Ethiopian eunuch in the Book of Acts. Through this we see how God sent the apostle Phillip to a deserted, barren land to give a deserted, barren man (and us) a reason to rejoice.
08/14/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    1 Thessalonians 5:12    D1210
In this message pastor Doug Sauder wraps up our study in 1 Thessalonians as we look at Paul's final exhortations to the church. Here Paul encourages God's people to be aware of seven principles that mark the life of a believer: rejoice, pray, give thanks, be at peace, examine yourself closely, don't quench the spirit of God, and cultivate a love for truth.
Why Am I Here? A Theology Of The City
08/17/16 | Rob Hoskins    2 Corinthians 4:8    G5704
At some point in our lives, we all wrestle with and ask ourselves the question, “Why am I here?” In this topical message, guest speaker Rob Hoskins, president of OneHope, explains that God has us where we are, right now, for a reason. Our purpose is to share our faith, our hope, and God's love with our neighbors so we can begin to change our cities.
The Secret: Attraction
08/21/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Song of Solomon 1:1    D1211
We are all looking to fulfill our deepest longing, to be loved and to be known. In this week's message, Pastor Doug Sauder introduces us to Song of Solomon 1 where he lays the foundation for healthy relationships. He exhorts us to look at the marriage relationship through the lens of Scripture, not through romanticism, media, or fear of our experiences.
Pursuing A Generous Marriage
08/24/16 | Gordon and Gail MacDonald       G5705
Guest speakers Gordon and Gail MacDonald invite us to "eavesdrop" on their conversation as they recall their relationship journey over 55 years of "generous marriage." Together they have shared each other's dreams, generously encouraged and forgiven one another, showed hospitality and gratitude, compassionately served others, given liberally, worked to restore others, and sought to cultivate community.
The Secret: Dating And Courtship
08/28/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Song of Solomon 2:1    D1212
How do you know if the person you're with is really “the one?” As we continue our study through the Song of Solomon, Pastor Doug Sauder explains that dating is a time of evaluation and practice as you develop and build the kind of relationship required for a healthy marriage.
The Secret: Attraction And Courtship
08/31/16 | Pastor Doug and Suzanne Sauder    Song of Solomon 1:1    D3216
No matter what your relationship status is—whether your single, in a relationship, or married—the Word of God has some incredible principles for us to look at when it comes to attraction and courtship. In this midweek message, Pastor Doug and Suzanne Sauder share their personal story and leave us with four examples of what a godly courtship looks like.
The Secret: The Wedding And The Honeymoon
09/04/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Song of Solomon 3:1    D1213
The wedding day has finally arrived! Solomon and his bride prepare for the most important part of their relationship: marriage. In this teaching, Pastor Doug Sauder shares from Song of Solomon chapters 3 and 4. Here we learn four important principles that define a healthy intimate relationship: respect, love, sexual intimacy, and holiness.
Night Of Prayer And Worship: Tribute To 9/11
09/07/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Psalms 33:12    D3217
During this particular Night of Worship, we give thanks to Jesus for His faithfulness in our lives and over this country, as well as His provision through the men and women who give of themselves—for our freedom and our safety.
The Secret: Fight To Win
09/10/16 | Skip Heitzig    Song of Solomon 5:1    G5706
The Secret: Fight to Win
The Secret: Conflict Recovery
09/14/16 | Pastor Reuben and Priya Ramsar    Genesis 2:1    D3218
The Secret: Conflict Recovery
The Secret: Maintaining Intimacy
09/18/16 | Frank Ramseur    Song of Solomon 7:1    G5707
The Secret: Maintaining Intimacy
The Secret: Maintaining Intimacy In Your Marriage
09/21/16 | Greg and Joannie Anderson    2 Samuel 11:1    D3219
Maintaining Intimacy in your Marriage
The Secret: The Mystery
09/25/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Song of Solomon 8:1    D1214
The Secret: The Mystery
The Secret Of Us
09/28/16 | Fred and Karla Gushue    Acts 18:1    G5708
The Secret Of Us
What Do You Bring To The Table?
10/02/16 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Philippians 1:1    D1215
What do you bring to the table?
Displaying 61 through 80 of 331 records.
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