"Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully with a shout of joy." Psalm 33:3. This Scripture forms the inspiration and direction for Calvary Chapel's Music Ministry. We strive to fulfill God's instructions by writing and producing original music, training musicians and worship leaders, and encouraging enthusiastic worship.

Ocean's Edge Music

Ocean's Edge Music is part of the Worship Ministry. Available resources include CDs, MP3s, charts, songbooks, and DVDs. Opportunities to be a part of this ministry are available for those that desire to serve and are gifted with musical ability.

Ocean's Edge School

This school of worship is an intensive 10-month program providing relevant training and discipleship for the next generation of Christian musicians and worship leaders.

Calvary Worship Ministry

We believe that praise and worship are an active and integral link between God and His people. This ministry seeks to humbly serve Christ in a spirit of excellence through music and to lead others into His presence so that we may glorify God as one body, with one voice, through one spirit.

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