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"To get out the most, put in the least"

When searching for a message on a specific topic, searching for a single word will bring up the widest variety of appropriate messages. If you are looking for messages on the topic of disciplining your children, search for "discipline" or "children." If you are interested in strengthening your marriage, use the keyword "marriage" for the broadest range of messages.

You may also search by the date of the message, book of the Bible studied, or other keywords in the search field.

The search field will search the title and description of messages, as well as many of the other categories. If your search doesn't provide you with the appropriate message(s), try filling in the alternate fields to expand your search.

Although we have tagged the messages with many of the appropriate keywords, occasionally messages are not set up with an exhaustive list of keywords. If your search returns no results, we are notified so that we can improve the search experience for the next person.

With hundreds of messages available, we are committed to providing you with the resources you need. Please call or e-mail us with a brief description of your area of interest. We welcome the chance to match your need with the appropriate resource.

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